I met this family because I teach their beautiful daughter piano lessons.  She is an eager learner and is great at saying the silliest things that always keep you on your toes!  As her teacher I don’t get to see her … Continue reading


I photographed these two brothers almost two years ago.  Kids grow so fast!  They were fun to chase around and get pictures of because they were so cute together.  I loved watching them interact with each other.  The older one was … Continue reading


Congratulations to these new homeowners!!!  Right now, I can only imagine the excitement of closing on your very first home.  It was fun to go do these pictures with them in there new, still empty home. “What I love most … Continue reading


Six months ago I went to the hospital to take photos of this baby.  He has gotten so big compared to his six-something pounds as a baby!  He is an easy going, happy second child who loves his big brother. … Continue reading