A long awaited arrival

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of waiting for your new little baby to be born; especially after a long awaited pregnancy.  I could not be happier for this couple and there newest addition, Amelia Rose.

This is one of my closest friends and so I was so happy when they asked me to do document Amelia’s birth.  This meant I could be there for that special moment!   The labor went surprisingly quick.  They got checked into the hospital around 8 pm and the baby was here before midnight.

Right after Amelia was born they had some concerns that she may have an infection and so they took her to the NICU for testing and to be monitored.  Daddy went with her and I got to spend the next few hours with mommy.  Luckily we are great friends and we did a good job of keeping the mood light and enjoying our “all-nighter” without our babies 🙂

I love this family and I look forward to watching baby Millie grow!

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