No place like home

The Stock family recently bought their first home as a little family.  Personally I have not experienced this (still living up the benefits of renting an itty-bitty apartment), but I can imagine how euphoric it would feel to finally have a … Continue reading

MFAH family

One of the things I love about Houston is the museum district.  We have lot’s of really great museums here!  This family regularly goes to the Museum of Fine Arts and have picnics nearby.  So it was very appropriate to do … Continue reading


I met this family because I teach their beautiful daughter piano lessons.  She is an eager learner and is great at saying the silliest things that always keep you on your toes!  As her teacher I don’t get to see her … Continue reading


I photographed these two brothers almost two years ago.  Kids grow so fast!  They were fun to chase around and get pictures of because they were so cute together.  I loved watching them interact with each other.  The older one was … Continue reading


Congratulations to these new homeowners!!!  Right now, I can only imagine the excitement of closing on your very first home.  It was fun to go do these pictures with them in there new, still empty home. “What I love most … Continue reading


Six months ago I went to the hospital to take photos of this baby.  He has gotten so big compared to his six-something pounds as a baby!  He is an easy going, happy second child who loves his big brother. … Continue reading


Congratulations to David and Beth!  This beautiful couple was wed last Friday at the Butler’s Courtyard.  I felt like as the night went on I kept finding out new things about this couple that impressed me even more.  They are … Continue reading